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All That Jazz

sex, drugs & rock’n’roll—and OMG aloud fangirlin’!

Step 1
Hi everybody! I’m Isil, a 21-year-old Italian chick with an useless eljay.
So, what about me?
I was sorted in Ravenclaw, I support Gryffindor, I flirt with elder Slytherins.
I study Economics and Management for Art, Culture and Communication in my spare time.
I’m a book-eater. I also read comics and fanfics, for the record.
I ship Snape/Hermione, Barbossabeth, Norribeth. Sunk Snape/Lily! Long live James/Lily and the Marauders all.
Keira Knightley is my permanent obsession and Bruce Springsteen my current love interest. Al Pacino always pwns.
I can’t live without music, but hey, that’s what everyone says so I’m not going into this anymore. Bruce Springsteen, Muse, Radiohead, Ryan Adams. ‘Nuff said.
I love movies, and that’s what this eljay’s all about. Like. More or less. Dunno. Well… dunno!
To halve thigh-circumference and have hair grow down waistline-length is my current aim in life.
Step 2
I created and maintain apuntate, where to read and discuss novels in Italian (now running The Count of Montecristo!).
I usually rant over at Splinder too and I own a collective for all your sitey needs.
Step 3
{ wear }

TEH Sommo is (L)

PotterPuffs are love
Step 4

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